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Reasons Why Asthma Needs to Be Taken Seriously

An average of ten people lose their life due to asthma every day, according to a report of Dr. Purvi Parikh on US News. The said doctor added that all asthma cases must be taken seriously even if it is considered mild at first. She explained...

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Why Insect and Animal Bites Call for Urgent Care and Attention

Almost everyone has had an experience on being bitten by an insect or animal. And it’s not a secret how inconvenient it is to experience swelling, redness, itching, or pain anywhere in the body. Add to that the possibility of these bites to...

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All About Allergies: A List of the Common Ones

Suffering from allergies can be mildly annoying to seriously dangerous. This isn’t to exaggerate. But it’s true. There are a lot of cases on people who’re taken to an urgent care center in Castro Valley, California just because of...

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