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Tips to Prevent Seasonal Flu from Spreading

Tips to Prevent Seasonal Flu from Spreading

Individuals with the seasonal flu rush to clinics to get urgent medical treatment in California. However, instead of getting treatment every time you get the flu, prevention is and will always be best.

Here are the best tips for flu prevention:

  • Vaccination

    There is a specific vaccine for influenza. Get protection from flu by getting your shots at your trusted urgent care center in Castro Valley, California.

  • Frequent hand washing

    The hands are among the dirtiest parts of the body as they regularly get in contact with various surfaces. These surfaces may have lots of disease-causing viruses, including flu.

    For flu prevention, wash both hands often with water and soap. If these are unavailable, you can use a hand sanitizer.

  • Good nutrition and regular exercise

    Going to a walk-in clinic for your regular check-up is good. But when you go there because you often get the flu, that is a different matter. Boost your immune system against the flu by eating healthy foods and doing regular exercise.

  • Staying home when sick

    If you already have the flu, stay at home to keep the virus from spreading. At the same time, be sure to visit Progressive Urgent Care – Castro Valley. We provide the necessary urgent care services for influenza and other ailments.

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