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Reasons to Get Your Yearly Influenza Vaccine Early

Reasons to Get Your Yearly Influenza Vaccine Early

Every year, a lot of people require urgent medical treatment because of flu complications. However, every year, many still hesitate to get a flu vaccination due to some unfounded misconceptions that it’s dangerous.

But the thing is, it’s more dangerous not to get flu shots, especially since we’re in the middle of a pandemic. While flu shots don’t protect us from the coronavirus, it does protect us from influenza, thus helping save healthcare resources for COVID-19 patients.

Here are other benefits of getting your flu shots regularly.

  • Getting flu shots reduces your risk of serious flu complications and can save your life.
  • Flu shots prevent hospitalizations of high-risk individuals, such as children and seniors.
  • Flu shots do not give influenza, and it has mild side effects, such as sore throat or headache.
  • Getting vaccinated protects the people around you, including those with chronic illnesses.

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