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Emergency First Aid for Allergic Reaction


If a person has a sensitivity to substances called allergens, their immune response causes havoc when they are in contact with such substances. Allergies can range from different substances such as food, medication, or insects.

An allergic reaction can be mild – swelling of the lips, tingling mouth, or abdominal pain. If the person has difficulty breathing, there is swelling of the tongue, and persistent dizziness, a severe allergic reaction requires immediate care.

If the person is suffering from a severe shock, lay them flat. Walking and moving around will be difficult for them. This can be a safety issue as their dizziness and imbalance can trip them over. Check if they have adrenaline with an autoinjector or an EpiPen. This item is usually carried out by people with known allergies. Call 911 for immediate medical attention.

If you have any allergies, you must be ready. Avoid allergens as much as you can. Keep a handy EpiPen in your bag for emergencies. Wear identification that marks your allergies. The best way to manage any urgent situation is to handle it from the source.

When you need Urgent Medical Treatment, no second should go to waste.

You need a reliable Urgent Care Center in California for immediate care. Progressive Urgent Care – Castro Valley is at your service.

Call your Medical Clinic in Castro Valley, California today!

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