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All About Allergies: A List of the Common Ones

All About Allergies: A List of the Common Ones

Suffering from allergies can be mildly annoying to seriously dangerous. This isn’t to exaggerate. But it’s true. There are a lot of cases on people who’re taken to an urgent care center in Castro Valley, California just because of allergies. Before you or a loved one get to this point, be sure to know the common allergies and how best to prevent and handle them.

  • Drug Allergy

    Despite the strict guidelines of the pharmaceutical industry, there are still medicines that can cause allergies as side effects. These “adverse drug reactions” can range from mild to severe, which is the reason to contact your doctor before taking any medication.

  • Food Allergy

    Also classified as food intolerances (FI), a food allergy can affect 6-8% of kids and 4% of adults. For many people, this can be due to a cross-reaction between plant food proteins and pollen anti=bodies. The most common FI is lactose intolerance, the common symptom of which is irritable bowel syndrome. Be sure to know your loved ones food preferences to avail of the right urgent medical treatment in California when you need it.

  • Rhinitis

    Are you or a loved one experiencing chronic sneezing, nose itching, and nasal blockage? If you are, you’re probably having rhinitis. This can be due to all-year-round or seasonal factors, such as hay fever, house dust mite, and molds. If you’ve had this issue for a couple of days to a week, visit a provider of urgent care services to address this health condition accordingly.

  • Dermatitis

    Also known as eczema, dermatitis is characterized by skin rashes, pink bumps, and red patches on the skin. These symptoms can be aggravated by scents, soaps, jewelry, and temperature (either extreme cold or humidity).

Before any of these allergies occur, it would be wise to visit a reliable doctor who can give you guidance on how best to avoid allergies. If you’re in California and are looking for an allergy treatment provider, feel free to visit Progressive Urgent Care, a provider of urgent care products and services.

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